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Atlantic Highlands bottom fishing November 5

Sailed with a small group today. There was a bit of a swell from yesterdays wind but a nice day. It was a nice mix of porgies, seabass and blackfish. The porgies were nice size and the seabass were mostly small but some keepers mixed in. The blackfishing was good in the beginning for those who wanted to fish for them. Everyone went home with fish for dinner today. The weather for tomorrow looks good. There are some new pictures in the gallery so take a look. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Atlantic Highlands fishing November 2

Did not sail Friday Nov 1 due to the high winds. We were back fishing today with a bit of a ground swell from yesterdays wind. Went back to the Sandy Hook reef were we had our nice fishing during the week. Only caught a few porgies there. We went further offshore and found better fishing. Picked away at the porgies and seabass and a few blackfish. The seabass season is now open so we can keep them. We ended up with a fair catch for the day. I will be adding some new pictures to the gallery soon. We are sailing everyday (7:30 am to 2:30 / 3pm) weather permitting. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Atlantic Highhlands Blackfish/Porgy fishing October30

Only a few people today but we went cause it was nice day. Fished on the Sandy Hook reef again. Made our first drop and that was all we needed. Thought about moving a few times but stayed put. The fishing was not fast and furious but steady enough to stay with. At the end of the day everyone had their limit of one blackfish and threw some back. Those who fished for the porgies went home with a nice catch for dinner. So far Friday Nov 1 does not look good weather wise(windy gust to 35 knots) but we'll see. Tomorrow looks ok with wind late in the afternoon. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Atlantic Highlands porgy/blackfish fishing October 28

Today was the nicest fishing days we have had in awhile. We fished on the Sandy Hook reef were able to use the light rods and sinkers. The porgy fishing was better today than the last two days. We picked away and everyone who fished for them went home with some. The blackfish was not as good as the last two days but those who fished for them went home with their one fish limit. We caught a few nice seabass that had to be thrown back (season closed till Nov 1). Hopefully the fishing will continue to improve. Don't forget we are now 3/4 day fishing (one trip only) leaving at 7:30am and returning between 2:30 and 3:pm. looking forward to seeing everyone.

Atlantic Highlands fishing October 26

Started out fishing on the Sandy Hook reef today. We had a slow pick on the porgies and a few blackfish. We tried to improve the fishing by making a move but it did not help. Made a few more drops on the reef with no success. Move down to the Shrewsbury Rocks and and we picked some more blackfish but not many porgies. Maybe we should have stayed on the first drop but you never know so we had to try. The wind was westerly so it was not rough. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. We are sailing everyday leaving at 7:30 am returning between 2:30 and 3pm. Looking forward to seeing everyone

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