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Atlantic Highlands porgy/blackfish fishing October 28

Today was the nicest fishing days we have had in awhile. We fished on the Sandy Hook reef were able to use the light rods and sinkers. The porgy fishing was better today than the last two days. We picked away and everyone who fished for them went home with some. The blackfish was not as good as the last two days but those who fished for them went home with their one fish limit. We caught a few nice seabass that had to be thrown back (season closed till Nov 1). Hopefully the fishing will continue to improve. Don't forget we are now 3/4 day fishing (one trip only) leaving at 7:30am and returning between 2:30 and 3:pm. looking forward to seeing everyone.

Atlantic Highlands fishing October 26

Started out fishing on the Sandy Hook reef today. We had a slow pick on the porgies and a few blackfish. We tried to improve the fishing by making a move but it did not help. Made a few more drops on the reef with no success. Move down to the Shrewsbury Rocks and and we picked some more blackfish but not many porgies. Maybe we should have stayed on the first drop but you never know so we had to try. The wind was westerly so it was not rough. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. We are sailing everyday leaving at 7:30 am returning between 2:30 and 3pm. Looking forward to seeing everyone

Atlantic Star porgy fishing October 21

Today was the first day of our 3/4 day schedule ( 7:30 am to 2:30 /3 pm everyday). The weather was great but the fishing was slow. We made a lot of drops in different areas and caught fish on all drops. We ended up with some nice porgies, blackfish and a couple of trigger fish. Today was better than yesterday so hopefully it will improve. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Atlantic Highlands porgy fishing October 14

Today was the first time we out fishing since the morning trip of Tuesday October 8 due to the nor'east storm that lasted 5 days. We made both trips today. The ocean was still rough so we fished in the bay. The fishing was not like before the storm but we were able to put a catch together. The catch was made up of porgies, spots, and a few croakers. The afternoon was not as good in the bay so we tried a few drops in ocean. There was still a ground swell and the water was churned up and the fishing was no good. Back to the bay we went to pick a few more porgies. Hopefully the ocean will settle down and the fishing will be like before the storm. Sunday October 20 will be the last day of 2 trips. Starting Monday October21 we will be 3/4 day fishing 7:30 to 2:30 (1 trip only) everyday for porgies, blackfish and seabass (when seabass reopens). Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Atlantic Highlands porgy &seabass October 5

We have been out everyday making 2 trips (8am to 12:30 and 1:30 to 6pm). We have been catching fish every trip fighting the strong current. Sometime the morning trip was better and sometimes the afternoon. Today both trips were good with everyone going home with a nice catch for dinner. Most of the porgies are keepers with some being real nice size (even beating out the seabass for the pool). Most of the seabass are shorts but there are a few keepers. The #4 hooks still seem to be working the best (some people are catching on the #2). It is still a good idea to bring 2 rods (1 heavy and 1 lighter) due the strong current. Take a look at the hook line and sinker section in the October 4 Asbury Park Press. There are some new photos in the gallery. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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