Atlantic Highlands porgy fishing October 6 and 7

For some reason yesterdays report did not make the site but the pictures did but we made both morning and afternoon trips. The morning trip was better then the afternoon trip. We made both morning and afternoon trips again today. On the morning trip we had a slow pick but we tried to find better fishing. It did not work. The current got real fast and the fishing got worse. It was not a good trip. On the afternoon trip we fished a different and found better fishing. We still had to fish with heavy sinkers ( 10 -12 oz) but the fishing was better. It was not great fishing but those who could feel the bites in the current caught fish. It was much better then the morning. Again we never what trip will be better. There are some new pictures in the gallery from today. We are half day fishing everyday making two trips (8am to 12:30 and 1:30 to 6pm). Starting tomorrow we can keep the seabass so we will be fishing for porgies and seabass. We will still be fishing in strong so bring a heavy pole. Looking forward to seeing everyone.