Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 19

Made our 3/4 day trip for blackfish again today. The weatherman was right for a change. The wind picked up in the afternoon but it did not get rough. We made a few drops and found blackfish on all of them. Like the past few days most were shorts but there were some keepers. You can see some of the blackfish from today in the gallery. We are 3/4 day fishing everyday for blackfish leaving at 7:30 am and returning between 2:30 and 3 pm (weather permitting). They are calling for some wind tomorrow. I'll be at the boat in the morning and we'll have to see what its like. We never know about the forecast but you can see what its like in the morning by checking the weather buoy on the home page. We have green and white crabs on board. Looking forward to seeing everyone.