Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 8

Made our 3/4 day trip for blackfish again today. It was not as windy as yesterday but it was colder. We made a few drops and caught blackfish on all of them. Again most were shorts but we managed a few keepers. There are some pictures from today in the gallery so take look. We are 3/4 day fishing for blackfish everyday leaving at 7:30 am and returning between 2:30 and 3 pm (weather permitting). The weather for tomorrow is for snow and some wind. If it does we will not be fishing. Don't drive down if its snowing. Wait for a nicer day. The same goes for Sunday. All we can do is see what happens with the weather day by day. Don't worry about the cold just watch the wind. You can always check the weather buoy on the home page. Looking forward to seeing everyone on a nice day.