Atlantic Highlands blackfishing November 24

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We did blackfish with a few people yesterday. The weather was nice and we had great anchoring conditions. We only made two drops and caught blackfish on both of them. The action was good with mostly shorts with some keepers. Today the weather was just as nice but the anchoring conditions were tough. There was not much not wind or current so it was not easy to sit on a spot. We fished a few different areas and the conditions were the same. We would catch blackfish on each one. Again most were shorts but there were some keepers. Take a look at the gallery and see some of the blackfish caught today. We are 3/4 day fishing everyday for blackfish leaving at 7:30 and returning between 2:30 and 3 pm. The weather for the next few days looks good some come join us. Looking forward to seeing everyone.