Atlantic Highlands porgy fishing October 14

Today was the first time we out fishing since the morning trip of Tuesday October 8 due to the nor'east storm that lasted 5 days. We made both trips today. The ocean was still rough so we fished in the bay. The fishing was not like before the storm but we were able to put a catch together. The catch was made up of porgies, spots, and a few croakers. The afternoon was not as good in the bay so we tried a few drops in ocean. There was still a ground swell and the water was churned up and the fishing was no good. Back to the bay we went to pick a few more porgies. Hopefully the ocean will settle down and the fishing will be like before the storm. Sunday October 20 will be the last day of 2 trips. Starting Monday October21 we will be 3/4 day fishing 7:30 to 2:30 (1 trip only) everyday for porgies, blackfish and seabass (when seabass reopens). Looking forward to seeing everyone.