Atlantic Highlands bottom fishing November 8

Made our 3/4 day bottom fishing trip again today. There was bit of a swell but there was no wind and it was nice day. We tried a couple of spots and only caught a few porgies. We thought the swell was the reason for the fish not biting. We were going to leave the area but decided to try one more spot and we started to catch. It started out slow but developed into a pick. We stayed on that spot and as the swell calmed down the fishing improved. When it was time to go home everyone had a catch of fish for dinner. It was mostly porgies with only a few keeper seabass and blackfish. Take a look in the gallery and see a few pictures from today. We are bottom fishing for seabass, porgies and blackfish everyday leaving at 7:30 am and returning between 2:30 and 3pm. The forecast is for a chance of rain in the afternoon but light winds so don't let it scare you. Looking forward to seeing everyone.