Atlantic Highlands fluke fishing August 16

I can only guess the weatherman kept most of the people away again today but we made both morning and afternoon trips. On the morning trip we had good drifting conditions and we were able to fish the deep of Ambrose channel. We had plenty of action with everyone catching fluke. We had no limits but some people had one to three keepers and some only caught shorts but everyone caught. The top fluke of the morning was Jim Pepper from Edison with a  10 lb 4oz doormat. On the afternoon trip the southeast wind picked up and it was to rough to fish the channels. We went to Raritan Bay where it was comfortable and we had a good drift. We picked at a mix of shorts and keepers and everyone was able to catch some fish but again not all caught keepers.. There are some new pictures in the gallery from today so take a look. Everyday is different and if the conditions are not good in one area we have other places to fish and not be rough. Some days it can be hot on the water but some days (like today) it is cooler on the water with the breeze. We are fluke fishing everyday making two trips (8am to 12:30 and 1:30 to 6pm). Looking forward to seeing everyone.