Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 6

Made our 7:30 am blackfishing trip from the Atlantic Highlands marina today. Considering the strong N E wind from yesterday the ocean was nicer than we thought it would be. There was very little wind today with a bit of a ground swell. With the exception of the rain the weather was not too bad. I wish the fishing could have been as good as the weather. We tried different areas and could not find good fishing. Some spots were no good and the others only produced some shorts and a few nice size keepers. There are some new pictures in the gallery from today so take a look. As of now the weatherman is calling force winds starting tomorrow with strong winds up until Wednesday. It looks like our next chance to fish might be Thursday unless there is a change. When the weather settles will be back on our schedule sailing at 7:30 am and returning between 2:30 and 3pm. Looking forward to seeing everyone. To check the weather click the NOAA insignia on the lower left of the home page ( sometimes they are right).