Atlantic Highlands fluke fishing August 31

WE have been sailing everyday making both trips from the Atlantic Highlands marina. The past two days we have been fishing in some stronger currents. Sometimes in the channel or some times out of the channels. There has been plenty of action and we have seen more keepers. Both trips have been about the same depending on the drifting conditions. Some people have been using the spro's  while some are catching on bait. The gulp and spearing or killie  has been the best bait combo if you don't want to work the spro. We had no limits today but Terry and tire John were able to catch keepers apiece on the afternoon trip . Not everyone is catching keepers but some others were able to catch from one to three keepers. It's a good idea to bring a light and heavy rod to be ready for the different drifting conditions. WE have plenty of room to put the extra rods. There are some new pictures in the gallery so take a look. We are sailing everyday making two trips (8am to 12:30 and 1:30 to 6 pm). Looking forward to seeing everyone.