Atlantic Highlands blackfishing December 8

Made our 3/4 day trip for blackfish again today. The morning started out with terrible anchoring conditions. There was a little bit of wind and a current against it that made it hard to stay on the spot. We would catch some blackfish but swing off and have to anchor again. After a few spots like that we took a ride to a different area. There the anchoring conditions were good and we were able to stay on the spot and pick a mix of short and keeper blackfish. Ben had his limit and some had from one to four keepers while some caught only shorts. We were able to catch some nicer size. The pool was a tie with two blackfish at just under 9 lbs. Take a look at the gallery and see some new pictures from today. We are 3/4 day fishing for blackfish everyday (weather permitting) leaving at 7:30 and returning between 2:30 and 3pm. With the forecast for tomorrow for strong southerly winds we will not be fishing. As of now Tuesday does not look good either. We will have to see. If they are right Wednesday will be our next day fishing. Looking forward to seeing everyone then.