Atlantic Highlands blackfishing November 15

It was a nice day for our 3/4 day bottom fishing trip today and a lot of people missed it. The anchoring conditions were a bit tough due to very little wind. It was hard to sit on the spot till the breeze picked up. Once the wind picked up we were able to sit where we wanted. We had a pick of keeper and short blackfish. Only a few people did not catch a keeper but they caught. There was enough keepers caught so everyone went home with a blackfish for dinner. There are some new pictures in the gallery from today. As I said in yesterdays report we will not be fishing the next few days due to the forecast for strong easterly winds (gusts to 35). As of now Tuesday will be our next chance to fish unless the forecast changes. If the weather improves before then we will see. When the weather improves we will be fishing for blackfish everyday leaving at 7:30 am and returning between 2:30 and 3pm. We supply crabs for bait. Looking forward to seeing everyone when the weather improves.